Find my iPhone

After having a migraine yesterday that incapacitated me, I was really looking forward to sleeping in before getting started on the first week of the school quarter. I was all snuggled with my toddler, my infant, and my big moose of a dog. Warm. Happy. Content.

Then, a godawful sound pierced through my sleep. At 6:45 in the morning. Let me repeat that, SIX FOURTY-FIVE. 😒

My dear, sweet, (evil) husband figured out how to wake me when my phone is on silent. He utilised the find my iPhone app. He had called a few times. I clearly did not hear those calls as I keep my phone on silent for times such as this. Immediately after I fumbled to turn off the ringing of the app, I receive a text.

“Call me.”

Ugh, fine. Turned out my mom duties were starting early today, even before my baby girls were awake. My step-sons’ mom had to drop them off a bit earlier than normal so I had to be up to let them in.

I unlocked the door, snuggled up in my blanket, and waited. C comes bouncing in, loudly saying hi to me, so full of energy when I can barely keep my eyes open. B is moving a bit slower, but he’s happy to see me too. They both excitedly chatter on about their days, B tells me about a field trip next week that he’s looking forward to, C jabbers about his upcoming robotics competition, both boys sharing those little details with me. This is what being a mom is all about. Those happy faces telling me all about everything because they want to share their joy with me.

While I moan and groan about getting out of bed early, getting to start my day off spending a little bit of time with our boys is nice and so worth it.

Besides, I can always just nap when the girls nap….


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