There is one seriously unhappy puppy in my house today thanks to the toddler.

I was just sitting and cuddling with E when I noticed something: my house was silent. A sign that does not bode well when there is a two-year old in the house.

I went looking for her. Not in the kitchen. Not in the bathroom. Not in her room. Not in the boys room. She was in my bed room, “washing” her hands with a found bottle of baby soap. I’m still not entirely certain where she found the bottle.

I take the bottle from her and look over to see Eddie huddling in his blankets shaking. He had baby soap all over his fur. I cleaned Q up, then poor Eddie had to get an impromptu bath.

He shook and shivered the whole time, completely miserable.

“Sorry, Ed, but this is life with a toddler; full of impromptus.”


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