No Means No

Religion seems to be at the forefront of my mind today.  I am an atheist.  My husband is Catholic.  Our girls are neither.  They are learning about both points of view.  However, the reason I’ve been thinking about this so much today, is a conversation I had with someone on the basis of sharing your faith.

I have no problems with other religions.  None.  If you choose to be Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, agnostic, uncertain, whatever, that is your choice and I fully support your decision.  However, when you choose to blatantly ignore that I do not believe as you do, that others do not believe as you do, and that we do not want to believe as you, and continue to preach your religion and try to pressure us into changing our minds, THEN I have an issue with it.

I truly believe to live and let live.  I support your right to choose.  I respect your right to choose.  I respect your belief.

Common courtesy dictates that you respect my right to choose, my right to NOT believe.  If I ask you to stop preaching to me and to stop pressuring me to believe YOUR way, and you don’t, then you’re being an asshole.

I tell Q, C, and B all the time, “No means no.”  This applies to so many things in life.  Religion, cookies, candy, sex, drugs, alcohol, and the list goes on.  People who refuse to accept the word “no” are not people you want to be around.

No does not mean maybe.  No does not mean ask me until I say yes.

No.  Means.  No.


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