Sometimes I just feel the need to write, but there isn’t anything specific in mind. So, like my momma does in times like this, I’m going to write a bullet post.

  • Today was the boys’ first day of school.
  • I can already tell it’s going to be a long school year for me. 6:45 is EARLY.
  • Q loves that the boys are here more often. I’m glad too since it helps their behaviour immensely.
  • L has been absolutely furious about everything all day. Not entirely sure why since the twerp doesn’t have any words other than “Mama.”
  • She is walking everywhere now. She’s only 10 1/2 months old and is walking everywhere. Aaaaahhhhhhhh!
  • We have paint samples on our wall and I’m really tired of looking at them, but we keep finding reasons to put off painting our living room. So I’m stuck with these big, ugly blotches of paint on my wall.
  • J wants to have friends over and I keep refusing because of said ugly blotches. It looks ridiculous.
  • Eddie has been behaving rather poorly as of late, but we’re still trying to do everything we can to be able to keep him. If it was just bad habits like sneaking food or begging, it would be an issue, but it’s major aggression towards outsiders, be it a person or animal. I’m afraid he’ll one day not be able to tell the difference between family and foe and hurt one of the kids.
  • Maylee is amazing as always. She’s so patient with the girls and loves playing with the boys. 
  • I’ve been going through all of my and the girls’ clothes and am getting rid of pretty much everything. All of the baby clothes are gone since J doesn’t want another one for five years, and I don’t want to wait that long so it won’t be at all.
  • I’m pretty sad about that fact because I desperately want another baby. But I refuse to start completely over with a baby when L is six or seven. Plus, I’ll be in my mid-thirties. No, thank you.
  • J doesn’t understand why I don’t want to wait, but ultimately it comes down to our respect for each other. I respect that he doesn’t want one now, and, when the time comes that he feels is appropriate to try again, he’ll have to respect me not wanting to have one then.
  • I’m going to be 28 later this month and I already feel ancient. It’s depressing.
  • I want to celebrate my birthday, but I also want to hide away and pretend it doesn’t exist. Contradictions, eh?
  • I took a nap today. My brain is all jumbled now, but it was totally worth it.
  • The girls and I may go to the Zoo tomorrow depending on the weather. We were supposed to go with J over the weekend, but he decided he didn’t feel like it and pretty much broke Q’s heart which pissed me off.
  • She was upset the entire weekend and was acting out. He blamed me. Ha, I set him straight on that one. Don’t ever tell a toddler you’re going to do something then back out. They. Don’t. Forget. (Unless you tell them to wash their hands. Ha.)
  • I deleted my Facebook and am loving every second of being away from it. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever return. I hate people too much. 

Okay, that’s enough of my brain leaking out everywhere. Until next time.


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