One Day at a Time

It’s day two of a workout and nutrition program I’m starting. It’s day two of a healthy lifestyle. It’s day two of the rest of my life.

I knew coming into this week that things were going to be very different around my house. J and I are NOT fans of healthy foods. Not really. We like our chips, soooo much cheese, pizza, ice cream, cookies, and so on, and we will almost always pick unhealthy food options over healthy choices. Menu planning on Sunday had me stressing out. What in the world were we going to eat? Our go-to meals weren’t healthy choices or Fix approved.

Originally, it was just going to be me doing this. I kept telling J that I wanted to try this program, that I wanted to work out more consistently rather than running when I got a chance to be alone without the girls (that does not happen like ever). He told me to go for it. Buy the program. Buy the nutrition plan. Buy everything I was going to need.

So I did. I waited anxiously for the box to arrive and when it did I immediately got to work on the menu. Figuring out what I actually will eat that’s approved? Not much. I’m so picky and I was certain I was going to starve to death. But I got my menu finished late Sunday afternoon and went shopping. Came home an hour later with a weeks worth of healthy food choices and ZERO junk food!

I was so excited to see all the colour on my kitchen counter. The natural colours. But then came actually figuring out how to prep it all. 😳

Some of my exercise buddies prep for the whole week. That just doesn’t work well for me. But, because I have the entire menu plan it’s not a big deal.

J is doing this nutrition plan with me. I’m not entirely certain it’s not just because he has no junk food in the house, but he’s doing it! We’re making steps towards a healthy future. Together.

One day at a time.


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