Today is a big day for my household.  Q and I are going to be touring the preschool at our local museum to decide if I am going to register her for the coming school year.  This is the first step in her official educational journey and I am so excited and nervous for her.  I would love to get it off to a good start with choosing the perfect preschool, but I’m so nervous to make the wrong decision.  This is something that J and I haven’t really discussed much because he says he trusts me to make the right choices for the girls’ schooling.  Well, thanks for the vote of confidence, babe, but this feels like a huge decision and I don’t really want to choose by myself.

I know he’ll support me whatever I decide, especially since I am far more vocal and informed on education than he is, simply because I want the absolute best for my kids.  I’m not saying he doesn’t, don’t get me wrong, but we have different ways of giving our kids the best.  He busts his butt working to make sure I can stay home and care for them as a stay at home mom.  He snuggles with them, comforts them, helps cook meals for them, and makes certain we can afford to splurge on them if we want to.  We each have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to our parenting styles, and thankfully, they mesh really well with the other persons.

But, still…. this is not only a big step for Q, but also for me. I mean, come on…. my baby is going to be starting school. 😩

Also, here is a crab emoji, just because Q wanted to show everyone: 🦀


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