This post is me writing out of anger.  J’s 11yo step-son is a nasty, spiteful, disrespectful, and full of hatred towards me.  I’ve been trying for years now to correct the situation. Nothing has worked.  So I backed wayyyyy off.  C has spent every single day after school for the last four weeks down at his grandfather’s house.  Not once have I bothered to keep him home.  Because I don’t want him here.  I don’t want to listen to him scream and rant and rage at me anymore.  I don’t want my daughters anywhere near him.  He’s not a healthy child nor a healthy rolemodel for the rest of his siblings.  He refuses to acknowledge a no and will keep asking and asking and asking until he gets a yes.  Definitely not someone I want around my kids.  No means no.  It does not mean keep asking until you get a different answer.  His entitled attitude is what leads tosomeone assaulting   women.  To him growing up to be a rapist at the very worst, a complete asshole at best.  Not who I want my kids to be around.

His mother refuses to get him counseling.  His dad, my idiot husband, and his mom both, let him do whatever he wants with absolutely no consequences. He’s allowed to treat me like shit, fail in school, beat up his brother, tell me “fuck you”, and NOTHING will ever be done to correct him.

So I want no part of this child.  And have zero intentions of being in his life when he’s older.  That means I won’t be going to his high school graduation.  I won’t be going to any wedding unless it’s to warn his future wife of how sexist and misogynistic he is.  I won’t call his children my grandchildren.  My daughters will never, ever be alone with him.

It’s up to his bio parents to fix this mess they created.  I’m out and my girls are out.


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